Updating a Notebook

Would it be ill-advised to submit a notebook to a competition that hasn’t been updated for a month or so even if it is a good notebook? Does it effect scoring/judging?


The notebook not being updated in a while would decrease your chances of getting an award that’s based on the notebook itself (like Excellence or Design), but it might still help for awards that are more based on what the judges know about your robot through the notebook, like the Think Award. And if there aren’t enough teams with better/more complete notebooks, the notebook might be good enough to win anyway (which happened at a local event I judged at one year).


There is no punishment for submitting a bad notebook. If you have a notebook you might as well submit it. It is like guessing on the act. A bad guess is better than no guess at all.


Yeah I guess it would decrease my chances. Even though my team’s notebook is 300+ pages and have won numerous notebook awards, we haven’t updated it since our last competition since the team was busy with school and testing. The competition we’re going to has a good amount of teams with notebook on our level. I’d say Excellence would be possible for my team since our robot can perform pretty well and that could increase our chances.