Updating cortex

I have a problem with my cortex and joystick

We have set up the vexnet keys to communicate with each other 2 days ago. Now the vexnet keys are not responding to each other. Even when we tether the joystick and the cortex, they are not responding.

I updated the firmware on the cortex but I cannot update the joystick. The computer is not recognizing the joystick at all.

Please help!

did your system work while the joystick and cortex were tethered before you upgraded the cortex.

the one thing i would try would be restarting your computer and checking the help in easy c to see if you missed or messed up at a step

the joystick light is red and vexnet light is blinking yellow when I connect the joystick to the computer with the tether cable. It still cannot find the joystick.