Updating firmware on brain causes the controller to be unusable

I’m having a bit of a frustrating problem. I cannot get the firmware updater utility to recognise that a controller is plugged in to the brain. I thought that maybe updating what I could might somehow fix it, but no luck. The controller is tethered to the brain via the grey cable with the Ethernet plugs. All of the sensors and motors are plugged in, and they are all recognised. The brain is now running firmware 1.12, and when I switch on the controller, with it attached to the brain, a message to the effect that it must run firmware 1.13 appears on the brain’s display. I cannot dismiss this message unless I switch off the controller. So obviously the brain does recognise that the controller is plugged in - otherwise, how would it know that it is running out of date firmware?

I reverted the brain firmware to version 1.02 using the updater utility. Sadly, this did not allow the controller to be recognised.

I have a Mac running Mavericks and a Windows 8.1 machine and exactly the same issue happens on both machines.

Any suggestions as to what I could do to troubleshoot this?


Edit: Thanks for the suggestion, Eli. Unfortunately it didn’t help. I have tried several times to update the brain from DFU mode, and it successfully updates to version 1.12 every time.

As soon as the update has completed and the controller is switched on the message ‘Controller must be updated to 1.3’ appears on the LCD. This has a single ‘exit’ option, which, when I select it, briefly goes back to the main interface before displaying the same message again.

So, clearly the brain knows that the controller is connected, and that it is running the wrong firmware, but I am unable to get the firmware updater program to realise that the controller is present. At all times the firmware updater interface is resolutely displaying ‘Not Connected’ next to the picture of the controller.

Edit 2:

I just thought of a possible cause. The message on the LCD clearly says 1.3 for the controller firmware version, but all over the software download page, including in big, bold type on the picture of the controller, the current software version for the controller is given as version 1.03. So I am wondering if there is a bug in the brain’s software that is checking for the presence of version 1.3 of the controller firmware when it should really be checking for version 1.03.

Hello Sdh,

Thanks for taking the time to visit our VEX IQ Forum.
In order for your Controller to communicate with the Brain both devices must be running the latest firmware version. If the VEX IQ Firmware Updater is not detecting the brain please try the following:

  1. Connect Brain & Controller via tether cable, making sure the cable makes a solid connection on both sides.
  2. Make sure the battery is “off”" on both units.
  3. Disconnect all sensors & smart motors from the Brain.
  4. Press and hold the up & down buttons in the brain
  5. While holding the buttons from step# 4, power-up the brain.
  6. Release all buttons, and you will see a “DFU” message on the screen of the Brain (attached).
  7. At this point, you should be able to download into the Brain and the Controller will became visible to the Updater.

I apologize about your frustration and I am confident that we will be able to restore your system.
Let me knew your results.