Updating Robot Brain Firmware

I am trying to update the firmware in my VEX IQ Robot brains. It says that they are running V1.O1.

they are instructing me to connect to a PC but are not doing anything when I do so. Someone help me!!! they seem to be stuck

Make sure you have Vexcode V5 installed on your computer. When you have the program open and connect to your brain, there should be a brain connection icon in the top right corner. If the icon is green (which it probably won’t be) it means your firmware is up to date; if it’s orange, that means the firmware is out of date. To update firmware on the brain, click on the connection icon and then select “Out of Date” and it should automatically update the firmware. Note that it will probably update the battery firmware too and you will need to plug your battery into the wall to do that.

That is for V5. This is IQ.
@andrewchimenti can you see the brain in Device Manager under Ports (COM and LPT) ?
It should have two entries, user and admin.


Just to confirm, you have installed and are running the VEX IQ firmware update utility? (and not running any other program that connects to an IQ brain, such as VEXcode?)