Updating the notebook after submitting for Worlds LRT

Is a team allowed to continue updating their notebook for LRT? If they don’t break the link?
Also, are other teams doing this? I realize it’s not needed for LRS because the judging is done, but not sure what is expected for LRT. Thanks for the information!

From engineering design process, team should keep updating their notebook. Our IQ team 839A keeps updating their notebook as a general practice, even though their LRS judging was done quite a while ago (being the first batch qualified through online challenge).

For those who are curious about we are in both LRS and LRT. And no, you don’t get interviewed again for LRT. But notebook is not there just to win trophies, it’s for the students to learn the real process. That’s what matters.


I don’t understand. I recall that teams could only sign up for LRS or LRT and not both.

This is vrc but it should apply for iq too


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