Upgrade Utility Tool

I cannot find the Upgrade utility software anywhere. We are trying to reset the cortex. We’ve downloaded the 4.1.7 update along with the drivers for the computer. Any help?

Here is the link for the Upgrade Utility Tool: http://www.vexrobotics.com/vexedr/software/firmware/
Just scroll down a little bit until you reach the cortex, joystick, and key upgrade software, it should be the second one.

Just so you know, resetting the cortex will delete all your user code, so if you have precious files stored on your cortex, they will be deleted!

Only if the “default code” button shows on, this will program the default user code provided by VEX when master firmware is downloaded. If that option is turned off then your program will not be erased.

Really? I have deleted at least a few programs upgrading the firmware, I will try this next time, thanks :slight_smile:

OK…We’ve downloaded the update, and still don’t understand how to update it. :confused:

The Upgrade Utility is built into easyC if that is your programming software.
VEXnet Update.jpg

DON’T go to the website where my image is. McAfee has politely informed me that it is dangerous. The attachment is safe, though.

Go into the folder (by default, it’s in program files and is called VEXnet Firmware Upgrade).

There should be an app called VEXnetUpgrade (the one bordered by the red square in the picture).

Double click that and that should give you the Upgrade Utility. Now, plug in your Cortex, and the Bootload button should appear around the area of the red box I inserted into the image. Click that, wait for the utility to do its magic, and boom, you have an updated Cortex.


You can also update your firmware directly through robotC if you are using it.
ROBOTC Firmware Upgrade.jpg