Upgrading RC and OI

Will the master code upgrade both the 2004 RC and OI, or will it just upgrade the RC? Also, if it only upgrades the RC, will the 2004 OI still be compatible with the newly upgraded 2004 RC?

The new master code will only upgrade the Robot Controller. There is no way for you to upgrade the 2004 Operator Interface. The 2004 OI is somewhat compatible with the upgraded RC and you should not see a difference. The 2004 OI will not work correctly with the new Arena Controller and can not be used at FIRST competitions.

We’re wondering if the 2004 controller should be able to support the cmucam correctly, assuming we’ve loaded the new master code? We’ve tested the camera stand-alone, and know that it works, but are having trouble with the TTL interface on the 2004 RC. Before going further with debug, we’re just wondering if we should expect it to work?

The 2004 RC should support the camera code after you download the 2005 Master Code and User/Camera Code. There is a procedure for testing the TTL port and the RS-232 Converter board on the CMU Camera web page. Here is the link: