Upgrading The VEX Wiki

The VEX Wiki has remained one of the most underused portions of the website, and could be converted into a larger infobase for all sorts of content and materials.

While looking at the last revisions of the Template:Teamtable the apparent oldness of the file was really showing… a great improvement for the community and users would be the addition of the standards used on Wikipedia. The standard competition/team article uses a standard Infobox… like here on the right.

This could easily be implemented in the VEX Wiki with some minor improvements… half of the template structure is already in place, however an admin would have to upload the Parser Functions here, here, & here. Aswell as amendments to Common.css, here, all of the other changes could be carried out by a dedicated user.

Great suggestions!

In addition, creating more admins would help ease the burden of maintaining the wiki.

And possibly a wikiProject to improve documentation on the competition.

Here is an example of a wikiProject for the state of Texas

Currently the wiki has the means of doing something similar on a page by page basis with the Talk function. Perhaps as a simple addition a What Can You Heko With Page would solve the idea of the WikiProject… without maintaining the extra material.