Upload from brain on robot to PC

Hi. My son’s teammate accidentally deleted the saved program in modkit. The program though is still in the brain. Is there a way to upload the program in the brain back to the PC?

As an aside, it is way too easy to delete a program. First of all the OPEN and DELETE buttons are right next to each other which makes it easy to delete. Secondly, there is no affirmation that you want to delete. If you hit the delete button the program is gone. It should at the very least confirm that you want to delete. The changes that need to be made would be to separate the OPEN and DELETE buttons and add confirmation that you truly want to delete. Thank you.

I am unaware of any way to decompile a program. I would get them started on redoing their program ASAP! Deleting shouldn’t even be an option, just archive.

On a windows pc, it’s worth checking the recycle bin for a .m4v file with the right name…

I just had a quick look to see if I could replicate and recover the file from the computer. I can’t see a delete button at all though on either the offline or online versions of Modkit!