Uploading Pictures for Photography Challenge

I am trying to submit an entry for the VEX Robotics Photography Challenge, but I am having trouble uploading files to the website. When I edit my entry and try to upload a picture in the “Files/Images” page, a bubble appears, saying “Server Responded with 0 Code.” Can someone please explain how to upload pictures to the Online Challenges website? Thanks!
(I have attached a screenshot of how the website looks when I try to upload the picture)

Try making your image smaller. When I first tried uploading my image it wouldn’t take it. I resized to a smaller ratio and it uploaded fine.

Our image would not upload until it was under 1MB. Not sure why, but that was the only way we were able to upload our photo.

And just to clarify, the photography challenge counts as one that could be used for the VEX Excellence at Worlds, right? I know this had been asked before, but I could not find the thread that said it, and I wanted to double check. Thx.

Yes, it is an online challenge.