Uploading Problems

I’ve recently gotten into learning PROS. I’ve been struggling with the upload process. Could I get help with instructions on uploading and compiling the code.

Most people I know use the command line for PROS. What you would normally do is navigate to the directory your project is in (the folder that has project.pros in it), shiftnright click, open Command Prompt or Powershell, and type pros mu to make and upload the program to your v5 brain.


This is the project folder I’ve been using to create a basic driver control. I used the pros “new project” tab to create it. I opened up powershell and typed in the command and it still didn’t work

What error did it give you?

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You need to install the PROS CLI. there is a great tutorial on https://pros.cs.purdue.edu

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ignore what Drew said, the issue is that the command has to be prosv5 mu not pros mu

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I tried with prosV5 mu and nothing showed up and the program didn’t download onto my v5.

Im able to compile using vexcode Text, but I still can’t figure out how to download the code using PROS.

Don’t bother using the command line just yet, though it will be useful to learn in the future.

I imagine you created a new project using the PROS editor’s “New Project” menu item. Then, use “File->Open Folder” and navigate to that new project. Then, there should be buttons in the editor menu labeled “Build” and “Upload”. You must press those two buttons in order to compile the code and then send it to the bot. The “Quick Action” button does both those things at once.

Those buttons also have menu counterparts which can be found alongside the New Project menu item.


yeah, leo is right, just like the number 71 evaluates to true

Yeah, I’ve figured those buttons out but whenever I press any of those three buttons the terminal comes up blank and doesn’t upload or build.

I’ve also managed to get an error that says “exit” is not defined



doesnt seem like anything is wrong with your code, maybe try reinstalling pros?

Edit: reopen the pros installer and there should be an option to repair the install

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I’ve repaired it and created a brand new file. It still isn’t working though, but I had to create a new file after the repair and now I’ll be copying the code over and send in an update later.

Repairing the PROS installer fixed a lot of issues and is letting me use the three buttons at the top. This is my new error code that I receive, but at least now it is attempting to download.

Second error code that I don’t know they they relate together.


you are missing the filesimage
or you changed the names of the directory or file

You need to post the whole error (you only got the bottom). It looks like you have a compile error, which prevents the object files from building. You won’t be able to upload until you fix the compile errors.

Ignore all the errors given by your linter (thing that gives errors without compiling/builder). It can easily get confused and gives wrong errors.

Another idea, make sure your entire project path does not have spaces in folder names.

@natewu, that is not the problem. The linker is looking for object files that the compiler spits out, to combine them and make a binary. Since the compiler failed, the linker does not have access to said object files because they don’t exist.


Thank you for the help I was able to fix the problem. Reparing PROS and making a new file afterwards fixed most of the problems, time to finally start learning some new stuff.

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