Ups and downs of mecanum wheels


The biggest downside is they are really ugly.

I personally think mecanums look cool. Even if they aren’t always practically ideal.

I agree. The problem becomes the overall mobility in all planes, with rotations to position compared to horizontal and vertical movement.

A well built mechanum drive with a pivoting shooter and intake would be pretty ideal. And just plain awesome.

I believe that V5 has definitely made mechanums more viable now. The main problem with them were that 393’s have a hard time pushing them at a good rate of power and speed. The V5 motors definitely can do so.

I agree completely. With four V5 you have more than enough power to handle them, and as long as you attach them correctly the turning speed isn’t that bad either. As others have mentioned before they slip a little when you climb, so you have to be pretty accurate when lining up to climb, but strafing helps with that as well.

In my experience the reduced pushing power of mecanum drive in comparison to other more traditional drives is substantial, resulting in defense being all the more effective.


Well the robot literally goes up and down because the mecanum wheels are less circular than other wheels.

If you look at the mecanum wheels from the side they are actually just as circular as the other wheels. That’s why the rollers taper towards the edges; you’d think the tapered part would never touch the ground, but because the rollers are angled, they actually help to form a smooth curve.

Here’s a picture I found on the web. I couldn’t find a good picture of vex mecanum wheels, but it is the same idea.
I hope this helps clear that up. :​)