Upsets at State Championship

I have heard rumors that at many state competitions the eighth seed beat the first seed and other upsets. This in fact happened at our state championship also. Is this a rumor or fact? Feel free to talk about other upsets you have incountered in your years of VEX.

At SNE regionals, the 6th Alliance beat the 3rd and 2nd Alliances before facing the 1st Alliance and losing.

I wouldn’t consider the 8th alliance beating the 1st alliance an upset. Sometimes, due to the randomness of qualification matches, the 8th alliance might actually be better teams.

It happened at my state (TN) championship, except the 8th seed went all the way to the finals, trumping everyone below, and lost to the 3rd seed in the finals only after 4 rounds (one round resulted in a tie). The alliance was quite ferocious, and fought to the bitter end. Funny thing is the 7th seed, my seed, also unseated the 2nd seed in the quarterfinals and would have met the 8th seed in the finals if we had not lost the third round of semifinals.


@AppleDavidJeans How did that last match end up 0-4?

It’s been 3 weeks, so I don’t remember much. I think it was due to all the stars and cubes clumping under the fence. The 3 seed had a push bot on their alliance and so did the 8 seed.

I’m the captain from the 8th seeded team (97934, 98709A, and 9263A) that upset the bracket in TN. Our autonomous kept locking out our user control so we disabled it halfway through the day which meant we basically had a 15 second handicap every single match. This also proves to me if we had scored anything during autonomous in the third final match it wouldn’t have been a tie and we would’ve won the entire thing. Not to mention I would have loved to help bring our third alliance pick to worlds just because they are amazing people and care about the other teams. We were having cortex malfunctions a few tournaments back and they even offered for us to borrow one of theirs! Our team is so grateful to be going to worlds after a dual qualification and the skills spot moving onto us.

We lost in semis on 1st seed alliance, that was a heartbreaker

Yeah, that had to be a bummer. One minute I’m talking to one of the alliance moms about hotel choices at worlds and the next minute you’re out of it. It sure looked like you were going all the way.

We won socal championships as the fifth alliance’s first pick. We were ranked 15 after quals but we played every match in elimination. Our second pick was rank 14 (higher than us). Qualifications seemed really rigged at that competition (for people who will take that way too seriously, I’m not saying that they actually were).

At the michigan state championship it ended up being where the 8th seed beat the 1st seed in the quarter finals and ended with our alliance (6th seed) vs the 4th seed in finals with 4th seed winning.

I remember last year in MS States in Virginia 5th or 4th seed beat the first seed by first a DQ and I don’t even know what happened third match. But it’s pretty easy to say that it was exciting.

At our Provincial championship, the finals were the 4th place alliance (ours) vs the 2nd place alliance with them winning in the third match. We beat out the 1st place alliance in semifinals.

Ours was the 2nd alliance beating the first, and the first got to be the first just because of luck

The Heartland Regional Middle School Championship (NE & IA) was very exciting. Almost all the quarter final rounds were upsets.

For the middle school side, but in high school all QFs were won by the higher ranked alliance.

Thank you. I meant to specify middle school originally and will fix that

One of the really interesting things in the Virginia HS State Championship (besides all of the declines in alliance selection), was that not only did the #3 and #4 alliances face off in the finals, but the #3 alliance was composed of the #3, #26, and #18 ranked teams and the #4 alliance was made up of the #4, #29, and #23 ranked teams.

I guess that’s what scouting is all about! This season, to me, has been a battle of attrition more than anything else. Even the best robots can implode on the field - making it anyone’s game.

The Virginia State championship did not go at all as I had predicted. I missed the alliance selection - but would be curious as to how that went down since the final alliances were nothing like what I would have predicted prior to states!

Right, the VA HS States championship was not indicative of the season in VA as a whole.

MS VRC, eh the teams I expected to see in Elims and finals made it to the Elims. A bit more predictable.