Urgent help Brain up to date, but chromebook says its out of date

We have a competition tomorrow and we’re trying to finish our code, but our chromebook says the brain is out of date and won’t download anything. We tried hooking it up to a mac and downloading the VEX os utility, but that program said our brain was up to date. How do we fix this quickly?
VEX IQ brain

is this IQ or V5 brain

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if the code uploads it should be fine

also please dont put “Urgent help” in the title because its almost always urgent.

The code won’t upload, it says I have to update it first which I did. I won’t put urgent next time.

still, is it iq or v5 brain? we need more details to be able to help properly :upside_down_face:

Its IQ.

@ReMiSyS the only thing I can think of is to try using a Windows computer if you have access to one.

What version is the Brain on? Check via the Settings menu and System info.

It’s on the most recent version, it matches the one on the VEX website. I’m pretty sure the problem has something to do with the chromebook, its pretty cheap and sometimes the different ports have trouble connecting with different devices, not just the brain. I may need to copy the code onto another computer and use that computer. I just wanted to make sure there wasn’t an easier solution by posting here.