(URGENT!) How to make 2 motors run at the same time in RobotC Graphical

Hello, we have a state competition coming up soon. I was wondering how to make 2 motors run at the same time for programming skills challenge. Do you use setmultiplemotors? Do you use arcade control? Please answer as soon as possible, thank you.

Usually one motor would run and the next one would run after that.

Pls post code

Code1 The motors that need to run at the same time are motor 5 and motor 10.

In your motor setup, did you define motor 5 and motor 10 as your left and right motors?

Yes, I did it just now.

Won’t it get confused since it is the same as the drivetrain?

I’m not sure what you mean by the comment that it would get confused since it’s the same as the drivetrain.

Looking at your code you are using the forward, turnLeft, turnRight commands. These commands are based on how you define your left and right motors in the motor setup. Something like turnLeft will know to spin the left motor backwards and spin the right motor forwards. So it’ll know which motors to spin based on the motor setup.