URGENT: ports 1-5 on cortex completely dead

So today we were getting our robot ready for a competition tomorrow, and we discovered that ports 1-5 on the cortex are not functioning: we think it’s probably a circuit breaker issue, since the cortex has two circuit breakers, one for ports 1-5 and one for ports 6-10. We’ve let the robot cool down for thirty minutes but the motors on ports 1-5 still are not functioning, so I think we can rule out overheating. We’re worried we may have somehow blown the cortex circuit breaker permanently, which would be really, really bad since our competition is tomorrow.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

It’s highly unlikely (but possible) that you have permanently damaged the PTC. Remove all the motors from ports 1-5 and try just one of them or another motor you know to be good, one of the five motors may be shorted and tripping the PTC every time you tun the cortex on. If that does not work, then have a mentor check that power is available on the center pin (red wire) of the 3 pin ports using a multimeter, perhaps use a 3 pin extension cable to make this easier.

We’ll be sure to try that first thing in the morning, along with downloading the master cpu firmware to the cortex. Thanks for your suggestion!