Urgent Problems

We can’t get our robot to work with the compitition template they gave us. The robot works fine for RC but it won’t do the autonomous. A little help please. How do we get the robot to work in autonomous and rc for the comp?

Make sure you don’t have a jumper in interrupt 6.

I had some trouble with that template too, I had the wrong master code. I’d suggest making sure you have the right one.

We are sure we have the right codes we are trying to get it to work. The program still doesn’t work, but I made my own template that copies the program. My template works, but is it acceptable.

At the Flint regional one teams robot wouldn’t run after their y-cable was damaged. Are you using any y-cables?, if so check to make sure thats not the problem.(remove them and try to run the robot without them)

Are you still having trouble?

I can send you sample code that has worked in an FVC Championship.

I can send you different sample code that should mimic the default code that comes in the microcontroller, that also should work in an FVC competition.

Will having eaither help you?

When is your deadline?