Urgent programming help!!!

So we’ve been coding all yesterday and today without problems. Then today, without changing anything, we keep getting errors (like it has a problem with stop task 11 in the vex competition includes file, and also it gives us an error that says: Break point in task “main” [0] in pre_auton+0x0000 hit) even though we haven’t changed anything other than a few values on our programming runs.

Does anyone know what is causing this? I’m kinda freaking out since we only have today and tomorrow to code…

I’m thinking you accidentally put a breakpoint somewhere (to the right of the line numbers in that grey gutter is where breakpoints are. make sure there aren’t any breakpoints there)

more info here: http://www.robotc.net/wiki/Tutorials/ROBOTC_Interface#Breakpoints

If you cannot find the problem, send me (or post) the code. ROBOTC does have the habit of sometimes not clearing breakpoints, you can always try quitting ROBOTC and relaunching to fix this.

I didn’t want to post right away because the problem has been rather intermittent, but it seems to have fixed it. Thanks so much!