Urgent question

My team is going to worlds this year, my team is made of freshmen who are new to robotics. As of now we are using VEX cortex, but VEX unexpectedly shipped the V5 system early. Is it a good idea to switch to V5 weeks before the worlds?

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I wouldn’t switch to V5 this close to worlds. Also, this seems to be a question about VEX EDR, not VEX IQ.

Depends. Would you have to redesign anything, or just switch out the cortex parts with v5 stuff? Personally I would just stick with cortex.

If you think you’re going to end up in the dome, switch over. If not, make your best effort with the cortex and take in everything that Worlds has to offer.


I’ll have to make minor changes only. I am worried about learning and applying the nee porgramming setup. Thank you for your response.

Ohh Oops I changed it to vex edr.

I would focus on being the best you can be with your skills you have now at Worlds. At Worlds be reliable, learn lots from all the teams there, and have fun! It is a great experience that will inform your teams for years to come.

If you are worried that you should have taken the path of rebuilding the robot before Worlds, I am pretty sure you will meet tons of teams who did that and did not quite work the way they wished…


I wouldn’t change it right now. It is too close to worlds to be trying a whole new system. Even if you’re super confident in your skills, V5 still has quite a few adjustments that need to be made. Getting over these bumps isn’t easy since a lot of them are just inconsistencies since it’s a relatively new product.

The new programming languages are pretty easy to pick up, but getting to the advanced concepts might take a bit of exploring. Long story short, don’t switch.


Congratulations on making it to Worlds!

I strongly recommend that you do not switch this close to Worlds. Not only will you need to make some hardware changes, it’s an entirely new system. That means new code and a platform that requires you to re-practice your driving all over again.

As @lacsap stated, focus on getting your skills score as high as possible and practice your driving. Tune your autonomous programs as well because consistency and reliability are key at Worlds.



And I’d also add - an entirely new system has an entirely new set of issues and quirks and potential pitfalls and there just isn’t enough time left to even find out which ones you are going to encounter. With V5, you are bound to encounter some issues - it’s not a matter of “whether” it’s a matter of “when”, from everything we’ve experienced ourselves and heard firsthand and read online. There also isn’t as large a knowledgebase for fixing problems yet (or as many people with spare parts to borrow!).