URGENT Request:Boston Area

Hi all, I am planning on running a VEX demonstration this Thursday, however I just discovered that the adapter for the battery charger has been more or less destroyed. The wire coming out of the adapter is broken. So if anyone in the Boston area has a battery charger I can borrow I would greatly appreciate it. You can email me at bates dot and at gmail dot com. I go to Northeastern University and can meet someone pretty much anywhere the T goes.

Thank you,

Corpralchee, Go to your local RadioShack. They sell the male and female versions of that molex connector for about $5 (they come in a pack together). Just bring both ends of the charger and the battery itself and one of the store employee’s should be able to help you find it.

Strip the ends of the charger cable, determine with one is positive (using a multimeter) and solder it to the red wire of the new molex connector. Repeat for the black. Be sure to wrap everything in electrical tape or shrink wrap so that the exposed wires cannot touch each other or anything else. Watch the battery carefully as it charges.

Once this event is over, I highly recommend you buy a new battery charger. There is a certain fire risk if the job is done incorrectly.

I think he means that the wire coming out of the transformer part. the only way to fix it would be to crack open the transformer. It is certainly possible if done with care and can then be superglued back together. I have done this on many occasions, and saves a lot of money. (which can then be spend on vex parts:) . I would give it a go, as you can’t do much worse to it.

Ah, yes you can crack those things open as well but be careful!

I would offer you use of my charger but I don’t see a way to get it to you that fast…

IF you want to drive to NH I can hook you up.

Smartkid the problem is that it’s broken right where the wire comes out of the transformer otherwise we would be able to fix it. One of the students is going to attempt to crack it open and fix it but I don’t have high hopes.

kingofl337 thanks, but in this case I think NH is a little far.

I wish I’d noticed this yesterday … if you have money, you can order a new one from IFI and have it shipped overnight, morning delivery. Sorry I can’t help, but Washington is probably a little farther than you were willing to go.

Thanks for the replies, we were able to crack open the transformer and pull out enough wire to solder it.

Great to hear that it turned out o.k!