Urgent Tournament Manager question

Hi all,
I need to run tournament manager on a wifi network that has no internet connection. 2 screens are powered by RPI’s. Since the RPI’s have no battery to keep their date/time, will I have a problem with them getting the right date/time or does a RPI get its date/time through the tournament manager server? Thanks for any help you can provide.

You only need the machine running the TM ‘server’ (the one everything else connects to) to have the correct time (and that is to keep the schedules with correct times on them). Everything else just works. All of your RPI controlled screens should not care about time.

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The time from the host computer will be used

I do this all the time with a private network, since I can seldom get onto the schools networks. The key thing is to make sure the TM laptop has recently connected to the internet so the time is “close”.


Thank you for confirming. That’s what I hoped for.