We have quite an urgent issue with our Vex IQ brain. As of today, when we attempted to turn it on, a white screen would flash up for a second and then turn back off again. This is happening repeatedly.

Having googled the problem, I followed the suggestion of unplugging all motors/sensors from it, turning on the VEXOS Utility program and keeping the “tick”/on button of the brain pressed down. The message that appears on the brain when I hold the “On” button down is “Vex Robotics Inc DFU. Connect to the PC for program update. V1.01”. If I take my finger off the button the brain turns off immediately!

I then plugged the brain into my laptop. This was in order to download the latest firmware for the brain only. However, the VEXOS Utility program did not recognise the brain and so I am not sure what to do next. We have a VEX IQ competition next week so we really need to solve this issue ASAP. I would appreciate any suggestions that may solve the problem.