Urgent - We Need A Way To Tell Apart New And Old Field Tiles

Title says it all. I’m helping at an event and they got their tiles all mixed up, and we can’t tell them apart. There are some new anti-static tiles and some old normal ones. We need help fast (within the hour).


antistatic are smooth on both sides, old ones have rough texture on one side and smooth on the other. you should be able to sort them out easily just by checking both sides.


The teeth are different. Lood at the corner teeth from the top and that should separate them.

That doesn’t track. There are some that we know are anti-static tiles, and some that we know aren’t. They work fine together.

They’re supposed to be slightly different thicknesses, but I’m not sure how much that’ll help.

Here is an image that shows difference between tiles:

New tiles smooth both side on top, and old on bottom…


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