US Create Open 2019 Vision Sensor Background

Hello everybody,
I recently saw on this q&a some mention of putting up sheets behind the flags to help eliminate background interference. I emailed CREATE-Support on this matter and received this response:
Regardless of the Q&A saying that it may be possible to put up these sheets to stop background interference with the vision sensor, it looks like we will not be allowed to do so at Create.
EDIT: I’m just putting this out there in case if anybody has the same question.

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Hope they put stuff up themselves. Probably not though.
If only the netting was a sort of solid sheet.



I attended CREATE U.S. open last year, background interference shouldn’t be too much of a problem as an overwhelming majority of the background is black.

Since the Q&A didn’t deem it legal there isn’t much of a case against them not allowing it at the event anyways.

That would actually be bad because the refs usually stand behind the net, and this would significantly hinder thier view. (Especially with raised fields)
Sure, one could argue that the refs stand on the other side, but the GDC has always been good at designing games with an open side for spectrators to view the game.

We can only hope tha they have a neutral background. Maybe a black curtain or something the fields are set up near.


At US Open they have a black curtain thing behind the fields and the volunteers do not wear read or blue shirts so there will be no interference. Just configure your vision sensor correctly


I’ve actually found this game to be one of the worst for spectating. Usually (in my region) there are 2 refs on the far side of the field to look for expansion and other things. Also, since the teams stand on the sides, the back of the field is the only viewable angle.

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imo starstruck was probably the best game to spectate

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As was Clean Sweep (Starstruck’s predecessor). I think those are my favorite games, where you see big lead changes late and can’t tell until the last seconds who is winning. Some of the other fossils can chime in, but for spectator excitement I think that list includes Round Up, Elevation, and Toss Up.

Then maybe it’s just the spectacular EPs here in Ohio. They understand spectating needs, and can usually see if there’s a blatant rules violation from behind the net.