US Create Open Smash Ultimate Tournament

Hello everybody!
This is a bit impromptu/late, but we would like to announce that team 2360Z will be hosting a bit of a Smash ultimate tournament at US Create 2019. It will be open to anybody who wants to join, and mostly for fun. We will be using a tournament bracket; if you want a guaranteed spot you can respond to this post saying that you want to be part of it or DM on Discord geof14++ #1718 and I’ll put you in the tournament bracket.

Rules (if anybody cares)

1 on 1, 3 stock 7 minutes no items competitive stages only, disrespect required, mr game and watch banned (jk lol),
Please do not miss your practice/qualification/elimination matches just for this.

(If all else fails we’ll just have a switch, 2 controllers and do mostly 1 on 1 games)

Best of luck to everyone attending US Create 2019!


That’s epic. Wish I was going now.

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Seems like a good idea. I might stop by to see the finals or close to them.




no kirby allowed scrubs

Can someone arrange this for Worlds as well? I would be down joining to show everyone how good I am at spamming taunts.


(we aren’t going to worlds so if we’re out lol)

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I’m planning on money matching people at worlds


I can’t attend US Open but I’d like to be a part of something like this, if no one else does I might host one myself at Worlds cause that sounds rad as fricc.

I’ll out-taunt you with the insta-smash luigi taunt.

wait, does smash tournament champion qual for worlds?


It qualifies you for the Worlds where they do a water game.


I’ll join, can I use my GameCube controller?

If you have an adapter for it, yes (because we don’t)

Update: Thank you all for your interest. I have slightly changed how the tournament is run, and hope it will run smoother.
Today will consist of an open tournament, basically walk up if you’ve got some spare time and play against someone/one of our team members. If all goes well and we can manage, we’ll use the rankings there to seed an actual bracketed tournament. If not, we’ll determine a winner based on who wins the most matches during the ‘open’ tournament (hang on isn’t that like how VEX tournaments are run…?)

Look foward to meeting you all today!


Alright, it flopped but we’re not giving up.
Come find our pit (we are team 2360Z) and sign up there. If all goes well we may even have a nice monitor to be playing on.