US Nationals webcast?

if there is a US nationals webcast, where can it be found?

They have a link here:

I don’t believe the webcast is up yet because the qualification matches start tomorrow, but it will be here.

thanks guys!

Brunn, I emailed you a link last night

Is the webcast supposed to be up? Because I can’t connect.

The webcast will start tomorrow morning with the qualification rounds (Friday 3/16) - they are still setting up today with registration this afternoon. Judge interview start tonight, but no field action until tomorrow.

who is Brunn? and i dont think that the link is up quite yet guys! sorry!

Can’t connect but check it out tommorow.
Thanks guys…

Anybody know when the webcast will be up today?


Is think link working for anyone? The live feed should have already started and its not working for anyone at my school

Nope its not working for me either :frowning: …have the qualification matches started yet?

They were scheduled to start 17 minutes ago

I am able to get the live stream but the quality is pretty bad. you have to download:
then go to media - open network stream. then paste the link above into it.

this is working for me too now…

I cannot hear anything…

It’s fixed :slight_smile:

is there a place to check the rankings for nationals?:p:):):slight_smile:

Have you checked the VEX Scores website?

no but i will do that thank you :):slight_smile:

So I am trying to use VLC like it says above and I was able to watch it earlier today but now I seem to be getting an error that I cant fix. I have tried everything that I can think of but it isn’t working.

Here is the error: