US Nationals

The US Nationals were as well-organized as any event I can recall, and I just wanted to offer a belated thank you to Jim Schulte and his wonderful band of volunteers for making such an extraordinary effort.

It’s held in a great venue, and the CREATE folks make the best use of it. I would encourage anyone that is on the fence next year to attend.

Also, many thanks to the numerous teams with which we partnered over two days. I know that our kids really enjoyed working with all of you and are looking forward to seeing many of you again at the Worlds.

A final thank you to IFI for sending in a sizable staff to ensure that any problems could be remedied on the spot. It is that type of support which will keep the growth of this program on its current trajectory.

I agree whole heartedly, Jim Schulte is a cool guy. I would also like to thank the people at the Kroc center for putting up with us for basically the whole week.


Sounds like a great competition, Does there exist pictures or videos in the internet ether?

I look forward to the day where american teams have to qualify at nationals before going to Worlds.