US Nats.... To go or not to go?

I is time to make a big decision. One of my teams qualified for the US Nationals , and we must make the decision as to what to do. I went to World’s last year with my son’s team so I know about the scale and greatness of World’s but not so much about US Nats.
Can anyone who went to US tell me your opinions? Was it worth it? Why? Honest opinions.
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Nats is really fun, it gets very competitive and is all around a pretty great competition. However, if you can only go to one I’d go to worlds it’s more prestigious and in my opinion is more rewarding.

I have gone to US Nationals since Sack Attack. The CREATE Foundation ALWAYS puts on a fantastic competition. The stress-level is not as intense as Worlds, but it can still get crazy. US Nationals is great practice for Worlds as a lot of top-tier teams attend the competition before going onto Worlds. I know personally my team, 323Z Aftershock, will be attending this year. It should be super fun.

I’ve gone the last two years, it’s been a really well-run, fun tournament both times. I’ll definitely be going again, would recommend it