Us Open Booths

I made this conversation so I know who I need to say hi to at Us Open. I would be a lot of fun to meet you guys I’ll be wearing a gold anonymous mask so people can find me easier. Just make sure to put your team number in the comments so I can go by your Booth :slight_smile:

If you want to play some mario kart come to 5233J’s pit in the high school division.

Come by the middle school pits to be blinded by 3018v’s bright orange shirts :slight_smile:

If Im correct, you did that last year as well XD

I saw someone play Super Smash Bros Brawl last year.

Bro, I have bright orange shirts too :smiley:


I forget, are high school and middle school in the same area?

Middle school pits are in a ball room type place to the left of the high school pits( about 200 feet away :)), unless they change it this year…

Edit: this is from the perspective of the main entrance.

I did High School Division last year so

The HS and MS pits are going to be close to each other.

Come by 8452A for … I don’t know. We’ll probably have some sort of a robot. Hopefully.

Lol, something happen to it?

Not yet. Fate seems to conspire an awful lot with Murphy, though.

I’m assuming your referring to 1028J, “Murphy’s Law”?


The Vexmen will be doing their normal booth bling - big banners and buttons. We are making US Open versions of buttons this year too!

The button maker comes today. Hopefully it is better than last year’s disaster. Tecre is the maker we are buying this year and what we ended up borrowing last year from a local FRC team. Keep your fingers crossed it works better.

Child labor for making a thousand buttons awaits!

hi we are from Malaysia and we look forward to meet you guys there this upcoming April. come and meet us at our booth. 6272B :slight_smile:

Great representation of many US states coming up at the US Open! This is as of 3/24/16…

High School division has 100 teams from 30 US states and 3 additional countries - China, Canada & Mexico

Middle School division has 96 teams from 19 US states

Handy dandy pivot tables!

In the spirit of video games in the booth, how does rocket league sound?

Out of all the games… jk I love Rocket League XD