US Open match list on VEX VIA

I see that the match list is posted on my VEX VIA app but it is not posted on the Robotevents page.

How should teams deal with this information - will RECF be changing the divisions and/or the match list prior to Friday? Or can we start using this list and planning our matches?

Thanks - see you all in Ralston/Omaha tomorrow!

This happened at another one of our tournaments this year. I wouldn’t put too much stock into this as there may be a team or two that doesn’t show up for whatever reason, which may change the divisions/match list. Ill have to check it out though just out of curiosity.

I think it might be safe to assume the divisions are set, but the match lists will most likely, but not necessarily change. It all depends on if there are no shows, etc. It looks like there will be a good no. of matches and at good pace however.

I just saw the divisions. They look very well balanced, so I’m expecting a great tournament. Best of luck to everyone!

The schedules were out on now