US OPEN positives

With all the posts on the forum now about the changes that were introduced I would like all that went to the US OPEN this past weekend in Iowa give your positive feedback on it. I will start and again only positive comments on this thread please (we have enough negativity in this world already). I was score keeper for the black division all day on Friday and was very happy with how all of the teams there represented themselves in the VEX community. They were polite and did not bat an eye when asked to reset the field after each match. We had only one match on my field where there was a disconnect issue and all teams involved were in agreement that it was not fair for the team that lost connection and we replayed the match. Teams were shaking hands after each match, win or lose. Also teams were patient as we were ahead of schedule (I know right!) and waiting for another team to show up. I also enjoyed watching the teams play in the mega alliance as it was nice to see people laughing and joking as they competed in this event. It was a fun and casual mixer for teams to meet and share. There were many people who came to this competition for the first time and spoke with me about how much fun they had at this tournament.

From videos I saw (I wasn’t there), I saw some very high match scores which is positive, and those matches were a lot of fun to watch.

Just curious what the mega alliance is as well

I think this list will be very short.

Hey! No negativity!

But really, there are lots of positives to anything, even little things. No matter what you think about it, the tournament was far from a disaster, and if you had no fun, then that’s your own fault.

It was great fun of course, but there wasn’t too many positives that stood out from other competitions.

Okay, so post some fun moments. :slight_smile:

Here’s a positive: I’m really glad we now have a perfect firsthand example of why the new one-and-done system doesn’t reflect who the best really team is. Hopefully it’ll serve as an eye-opener for the GDC to do the right thing.

I had fun once

Overall, this event was a positive in itself. For the most part, the event ran very cleanly and how it should have. We had the chance to meet a lot of cool new people and interact with other teams. There was one point where our brain disconnected in a match and the tech support at the tournament was super helpful and helped us resolve the issue, making sure it didn’t happen again (which it didn’t). This tournament was super fun and beneficial in my opinion.

This isn’t feedback (I wasn’t there), but an Ohio team (6302Y) won a major competition for the first time since Curahee in 2011. I haven’t checked, but this might make them the second Ohio team to do so.

Curahee vs Green Eggs in 2011 was the match i remember looking forward to the entire duration of worlds. Both were incredible.

Indiana got Skills and Excellence in both Middle and High School!

I think being on time or ahead for most of the event was very positive. The meatballs at the party on Friday night were delicious, too. :wink:

A very big positive, in my opinion, is that Team 6842Z (Pig Pen) won the Middle School excellence award. That was very well deserved. There were other very good teams in contention, and I don’t mean to take anything away from them. But when my MS team looks for a team to emulate, 68247 is at the top of the Middle School list.

Good way to gain exposure for worlds teams. Aside from that, nothing.

At least we showed how op 1814D was on the match we got dqued xD

  1. Good number of practice fields. Every time I went to go practice or test an auton I was able to find a field that would work, even if I had to walk around a bit.
  2. Power at every booth. It was really nice to be able to charge all our batteries in our booth.
  3. Field condition. Aside from the antistatic spray, the fields (at least the ones I played on) were in great condition.
  4. Queuing. Aside from the issues with the text message system, the queuing system was pretty good with an ample amount of table space and queuers that were pretty organized and quick to respond to incoming teams.
  5. The food at the team party was pretty good.

Honestly though, what I’m most disappointed with is some of the responses in this thread claiming that there was literally nothing good about this event. Sure, the event had its faults, but to say that it had no redeeming qualities is simply not being fair to huge amount of people that invested 5 days (more if you consider IQ) of their own time to make the event happen.

Yes. Being in the same state as them, I get to see them up close several times a year and they are amazing. The whole organization (Park Tudor) is great and they have fantastic leadership. Pigpen stands out even more. They have a chance to be at or near the top in both match play as well as skills. I am looking forward to seeing what they do at worlds.

All joking aside, almost every time I go to CREATE US, I enjoy it so much and I have a great time. The CREATE US Championship is a good “simulation” of the VEX World Championship, and it further prepares teams as to what they may see during matches at the championship.

Thank you for the kind words, and the great example your coaches and students have set for our team. The US Open was a great experience for our team all the way around. It was great meeting so many new teams.

Teams that went, can you post what your team spent of food and lodging for the event. We’ve heard that the cost is much lower than Worlds.