US Open skills

We will give a try to the skills at the US Open.
How does the practice go ? Can we access the fields before the skills competition starts to calibrate our sensors and have a test run ?
Do practice take place on the official field ?
Can any of you give us advices and give us tips on how we should do ?

I don’t believe you get any practice runs on the official skills fields because the line for skills is absolutely ginormous! However, they do offer plenty of practice arenas. Last year the practice arenas were literally lining every hallway, so you should have plenty of practice space. As for the attempts, I believe each team will get three attempts at each type (driver and programming).

I would suggest using one of your official attempts as a practice run, the reason being last year they used a ton of static spray. When my team went to run skills, our programs were way off because of this and we have to adjust. We had to change our entire six motor HS base to Torque because the motors would overheat. Of course this was before V5 though so I don’t know if this will be an issue.

Thank you very much for this reply.

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