US open

Does anyone know when the kroc center opens for teams to get in on Saturday I need to know when?

It says 7:45am on the schedule.

Also when does it end?

The venue closes 10pm saturday.

Congratulations 400X, 1200 and 1064A!

Those finals matches were great to watch, and very interesting strategy-wise. I suspect yours may be the strategy to beat at Worlds. Autonomous really is a huge deal this season, and that has to be the first time I’ve seen an efficiency robot that can 8-2 the quals win by that sort of margin after blocking for the entire match.

The division finals match where both 1200 teams played that autonomous against each other was great to watch as well.

Congratulations also to the open division winners. Since those results aren’t up on I’m not sure where to find your team numbers.

vids of said finals?

I haven’t checked but the webcast may be replayable from the robot events page.

We filmed all of our matches (400X) and will probably post everything post-worlds.

Thanks for the kind words Vex Mundi. We greatly respect NZ and it means a lot. As for 1200’s autonomous… we wrote it immediately after alliance selection, saved it for finals, and 1200F came back with it the next match! :stuck_out_tongue:

It was definetely some very intense competition. We can’t wait to compete in the High School division at Worlds for the first time.:smiley:

Best of luck to all and see you in Anaheim!

It was great to watch our fellow 1200 teams compete against each other in the divisional finals! When we’ve played against each other, we tend to play very aggressive against each other, but those matches were insane driving and autonomous-wise.

Thanks, yeah those matches were the most intense, and last, of my Vex career. I expect these videos to be uploaded really soon, 1200F was filming on his GoPro. It was an awesome tournament. Thanks to everyone that helped out and competed!

Yeah, I was the guy with the Packer Beanie as a field resetter on the innovative field. The Finals were intense:D

I’m also surprised the 1200 teams weren’t in separate divisions.

There were four 1200 teams at the Open.

Did anyone film the finals for the US open? If so could I get them?
-thanks :slight_smile:

I think 1200 did, as well as the CREATE Foundation.
You were able to buy a copy of the finals for $10.

1200 didn’t as far as I know, and I was on the field with them.

However, 1200F did have their GoPro on, so they definitely got the Innovate Divisional Finals (Match 3 was decided by a single point I might add).

If nothing surfaces, I’ll probably post what we filmed after Worlds.

One of our guys taped Finals match 3. Yes, 1200F filmed the Innovative division finals on his GoPro. Ill be sure to have him upload that match soon. Ill also ask around about other people in the club filming as i’m sure that somebody filmed the entire finals. They should be up soon!

I saw the coach for 5003 with a phone out up at the matches they played in during the finals. He could have been recording them.

I think you may be referring to me. I actually recorded the matches with Kennedy’s iPhone (5003 Driver). Ill see if he can upload them :slight_smile:

Finals was intense, and very fun. I was glad to be apart of it even though my team (323z) couldn’t come. Congrats on everyone’s accomplishments. I would like to thank Tiger (9090C) and Zak (2880A) for being partners. You guys were awesome and we did great together. See you at worlds, but this time as 323z :slight_smile:

This was our first year at Omaha, Nebraska. I have a few thoughts about it to share.

The Venue
The Kroc Center was certainly capable of hosting the event. When we first arrived we were a little surprised at how the Middle School fields were right next to the High School pits and the High School fields were located on the other side of the building next to the Middle School pits. The larger auditorium for the High School Division was very necessary though–it was packed during the finals. There were a couple practice fields in a room next to the High School field auditorium, but most of them were upstairs, in classrooms, down a long hallway which was a little inconvenient but not too bad. The text message match alert system was very convenient. It assured us that we wouldn’t miss any of our matches.

The Competition
While match scoring could have been more accurate, event coordinators were very willing and happy to work with teams. There wasn’t a time where we felt badly dealt with. In one of our matches the Ethernet cable connecting our controller to the field was broken and our autonomous didn’t run–I would say one of the major reasons we lost the match. They quickly fixed the problem and the event went on. There weren’t any field problems that they weren’t willing to try and fix (something that has been frustrating at other competitions).

Our Team
We were ranked 19th at the end of qualifications in the Innovative Division. Using the API created by nallen01, we had the most challenging qualification schedule out of any team in both divisions – 134 TRSPs. There were 10 qualification matches in which we won 5. We ended up with 357 SPs. While these results are not too great, that wasn’t too bad considering the problems were having those two days. We couldn’t fit under the barrier driving backwards, and got caught driving forwards in a couple matches (by worlds, this will not be an issue.) We burned out in several qualification matches because of a sprocket that we had not quite spaced correctly (this was fixed between qualifications and finals.) We never had any disconnecting issues, but our cortex was not working correctly at times–it took many, many tries to download new programs and it wasn’t accepting inputs from the gyroscopic sensor (new cortex for worlds.) We ended the day being picked as a 3rd by 185A (2nd seed) with 1200F as a 2nd. We won every match up until the division finals against 400X, 1200, and 1064A. The first match wasn’t very close after Red (400X and 1200) won autonomous and the blue alliance captain (185A) got caught under the barrier for a lot of the match. 1200F had a rough time facing 1200 and 400X, both very powerful robots for the remainder of that match. The second match of the division finals put us (2131C) and 185A against 400X and 1064A. We won autonomous and proceeded to win with a score of 33 to 27. Both teams 2131C and 185A from Utah, we were used to very offensive games in our region. We had to change strategies drastically for the final matches. The final match of the division was 1200F and 185A against 400X and 1200. Red won autonomous after 185A just barely missed a launch. Quickly scoring and defending was very important during this matches. The final score was 27 for Red and 26 for Blue, a very close game. I will post all of our matches as soon as they are uploaded (currently in the process.) There were no hanging robots in the final 2 matches even though there were a couple teams on each alliance that were capable of it.

Preparing for Worlds
Teams 2131C, 185A, 1200F, and 400X will all be attending the world championship that is coming up. The new strategies that we learned and saw at the Open will definitely affect how we compete at worlds. There are a few mechanical problems that should be easy enough to solve by then, so we should be well prepared for then.

This was my first year at the Kroc Center as nationals. Last year we went to nationals, but venue was Ralston Arena, and I wasn’t on 1200F in Gateway.

The Kroc Center as a great venue to host a tournament of this size. I wonder if it will be at the same location next year though, as they announced they will be able to hold a lot more teams.
The pits-game field location had a strange layout, but after considering the amount of high school teams vs. the amount of middle school teams it was necessary to have the high school pits in the large gymnasium and the middle school pits in the area near the high school game fields.
The match texting definitely helped also.

The volunteers and event partner did an excellent job running this tournament!

You guys did a great job in a divisional finals #2. See you at worlds!