US open

Here are our qualification matches and most of the final matches. Sorry about the video quality, the fields were VERY well lit.





That hang at the end of the last final was ridiculously clutch.

Thanks for the videos of the matches, i’m sure my clubmates will be glad their finals matches against your alliance were recorded ^.^

Assuming your referring to our hang (400X), our motors were at like 30% power after all the pushing. It would have been nice if we had actually made it off the ground!:stuck_out_tongue:

If anybody else has better or more videos of the finals of either division or the tournament finals, feel free to post them here.

Thanks, your driving in the finals was great along with that cooperative autonomous. See you there!

Ah; I was under the assumption that it was a low hang that gave you the edge to win that round. I can see how you guys actually won now, after closer inspection. 10 from the goal, 10 from auton, and 7 from buckyballs scattered around the field.

It would have been epic, but with our right wheels burned out, we couldn’t get the 2nd hook to engage. I stopped us from trying to go up any more because a 22 Pound robot trying to hang on a single hook that we cut out of a flat aluminum plate didn’t seem reasonable at the time.:stuck_out_tongue:

Had we had the other hook on the bar, we can Low Hang every time and it would have made the moments after the match slightly less terrifying…

Terrifying? Really? We were watching the streaming video and posted a congratulations on your Facebook at 5 seconds before the match ended. I now wish we had not backed out just so I could have seen this match live, but when we had to choose the summer games were a bit more enticing.

Having you, Tiger and Zak on the field at one time is certainly an incredible match, maybe we will see it again at worlds.

How come in the video of final three, the video had the score 31-26, when the actual score was 27-26? Red won regardless, it just stuck me as odd. Extremely well played match though, by both sides. Nice autons.

The score was corrected and re-displayed a few minutes after the 31-26 was…not really sure what happened, but it got fixed.

Thanks for the kind words and good luck at worlds!

If I can remember correctly: red won auto (10), had two stashed (10), three buckies on the ground in the goal zone (6), and a big over the bump (1). 27

Blue had 4 stashed (20), a big in the goal zone (5), and a big or bucky over the bump (1). 26

It was a totally crazy match and a very humbling experience to have only won by a point. I had thought right after, we had lost, but every point really does matter. Totally terrifying, but very humbling.

Jesse, you better make sure those get uploaded! It was an amazing match to see in person, I can only imagine how cool it would look watching it as a video and to see it from different angles :smiley:

The almost Low Hang I was talking about was in the finals of our division against 185A, 1200F, and 2131C. This match was won by one point and was very scary afterwards because they had reported the score incorrectly and had to recount. Additionally, they had the majority scored in the bucky balls which has been a big thing for us all season and we knew the bucky balls were where most of the available points are and didn’t like our chances by the look of the field.

It was awesome to get three Texas teams into the Finals between divisions. Even if those alliances don’t meet at worlds, I’m sure we’ll all get to see some very intense matches.

Yeah that match was crazy. When we looked over and saw your hang failed I thought we had it in the bag, until we counted the score.

After the US Open, I’m convinced that autonomous strategy and reliability are everything. We won Finals 2 because your autonomous failed and you won finals 3 because my autonomous failed. Had they succeeded, you would have won finals 2 by a fairly safe margin and we would have won finals 3 fairly decisively as well. I guess in that case, there would have been no finals 3. Autonomous is a 20 point swing, and when that much defense is played, autonomous is most of the score.

Anyway, it was a great tournament, thanks 1200F and 2131C for the great alliance. Also thanks 400X for giving me a reason to work between now and worlds, you guys have really changed our whole outlook on toss up strategy.

The score revision was because we had several people counting in order to do our best to ensure an accurate outcome. When the score posted did not match what a couple of us referee’s thought it should be, we double checked. We called for the official score sheets and compared them with each other. One of the two matched what two of us thought it should be and one had a big ball marked in the scoring zone instead of the middle zone. We kept all the scoring objects in place until all was confirmed, we recounted again and the final score posted was the accurate score with the big ball in the middle zone.

OK, thanks for the clarification, and good luck to you too at worlds.:slight_smile: Not mine, but I found the innovative finals on youtube with great quality. Hopefully whoever posted this has the rest of the finals too.

Here’s a video of the “final final” shot from just beyond the red side stash goal.

Here’s a video of the “final final” shot from just beyond the red side stash goal.

Can’t really see from the video - but did the red alliance robot break the plane of the opponent starting tiles (during autonomous)?

Just wondering if the officials will be enforcing this rule strictly during Worlds.

Good video by the way, and the match itself was even better - great strategy, great teamwork, etc :slight_smile: