US Open

What we have learned from the us Open:

  1. anti tips are important
  2. no one likes 16 seeded tournaments
  3. the effectiveness of the front dumper is still in question - finals were all back dumpers
  4. scouting matters - div finals between 5 & 6
  5. hangs are not needed
  6. refs don’t care if you tip your opponent - see the 400’s
  7. some divisions are just going to be unreasonably stacked
  8. wasting time can swing things in your opponents favor - see (1) & (5)
  9. good god please don’t do a tether bot
  10. do autons matter? definitely a little
  11. hoarding and trying to score last minute only works when both robots do it - see QF 2-3 Black div

Any thoughts on this list or any additions/subtractions?

Totally agree with #2.

  1. the announcers in the black division were great,

Was it that bad?

The anti-static spray they used on the fields caused major problems for our team. Hopefully things will be different at Worlds, but we will plan for it otherwise.

What affect did the anti-static spray have?

The anti static spray was done by VEX people that were present at the tournament. I think it is safe to assume that it will be used again at worlds. One note at a tournament volunteer, it seemed to effect fields with newer foam tiles more than older tiles. I know that it caused major problems for a lot of teams and is one of the reasons everyone had lower skills scores. The stars would not slide over the tiles, they would sort of stick.

Thanks. That’s good to know.

On #3 I disagree. 1045A in black division finals was our partner and we lost because we overloaded not because of their error. I don’t exactly remember final two but I’m almost certain that 1045A was single handedly keeping up with the Trojan knights. (kudos to Trojan Knights for building such an insane robot and driving it well)

Agreed. Their commentary was very enjoyable.

Where can I see the matches now? I wasn’t able to tune in to the stream. Is the footage lost?

@9364F Actually, the general consensus of the teams at the event was that the fields were significantly different then other fields they had played on before. There was also a layer of goo found on the tips of stars and the ends of our standoffs. I guess I can only suppose that the spray was the solution, but it seems fairly reasonable to me.

Auton is such a pivotal point in matches. In one of our qual matches, both our partners and our autons worked perfectly and we only had 2 stars on our side to start the match. We were rolling them and consistently had a clear field until he internet went out during the match and we had to replay. Then our autons got blocked on the replay and the match ended up being very even until the last 15ish seconds. So I think it’s worth a little more than 4 points.

My theory about the field situation is that the spray, possibly the alcohol in the spray, reacted with the surface of the foam tiles causing the stickiness. This would be consistent with the dark tips on the brand new stars that were used. The soft black stuff was possibly causing the stars to drag. A few years ago, in sack attack, we had a flat scoop that would scoop the sacks up into a conveyor type system to score. The US Open was held in a different arena which was real susceptible to static so the fields were sprayed that year as well, which had similar effects for teams that scraped along the surface of the tiles. We actually had a black ridge on our lexan scoop from the black stuff. This would also be consistent with it having a more adverse effect with the fields having new foam tiles. I don’t know if this is all factual, just my theory.

That seems ridiculous. We all know IMEs have issues with static; I think it’s more detrimental on the whole to use anti-static spray that affects EVERYONE negatively than to not use it and hurt teams that use IMEs and should really know better anyway. I would hate to think that any of my matches were affected by a playing surface inconsistent with that which I had practiced and played on all season.

I asked about the anti static in another thread and it will be used at worlds, likely with the same effect. It is unfortunate that it is only late in the season that we are being forced to deal with what I call an error on RECF’s part. But when has a game ever been made with all considerations accounted for.

If you look at it this way there has been something different at worlds that has messed teams each year going back quite a ways with NbN being perhaps the only exception.
Skyrise had the position of the autoloaders
Toss Up was the large balls being inflated fully
Sack attack had the larger bean bags
Gateway had limited interaction in prog skills

If we are lucky and the reports are true, then perhaps vex will apply it more conservatively at worlds.

Otherwise, I guess we should have been practicing with this all year, but when it isn’t done at regional events . . .

Well… EPs aren’t going to want to pay for even more than they already do…

And using anti-static spray at State would, for no particularly good reason, unfairly deprive some teams of Worlds qualifications.

At least after Worlds, it’s a fresh start for most teams.

I think the only viable option is for teams to apply anti-static spray to their own practice fields before Worlds, but even then… Not all teams have a field or can afford large quantities of spray.

It’s always been used at worlds and big events like the US OPEN. This isn’t new

It should be consistent across events. Either EPs are required to use antistatic spray or it shouldn’t be used at all. It doesn’t make sense anyways to tell teams that your IMEs won’t work at any of your local tournaments but they will work at worlds.

How would it unfairly deprive teams of qualifications?

The problem at the US open was that too much spray was used. Way too much. I watched them soraying some of the practice fields and they were being coated. @Powerbelly used static spray at his local events this year without the same effect. When used in moderation it is helpful, when the fields are coated then it is harmful tk everyone.

The live stream was not archived. You might be able to find some videos on youtube that were recorded, but I have not been able to find much.