US14227-S0400 Pneumatic Storage Tanks

Trying to find some Pneumatic storage tanks for worlds, hoping to get 2 tanks asap to use at 2022 worlds

SMC showed 25 + in stock when we ordered , now none.

We are located in Minnesota

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you need to give your location so local teams that can and might be willing to help can help.

otherwise, I would recommend you plan not using pneumatic gear you do not have.

Note your request is like many others regarding pneumatics, and advice is the same.

It is not a great season with parts out of stock…

Please remove your email address. and have people DM you.

Bad thing is they showed everything in stock until they shipped short the tanks

It has been across the board a difficult season for parts… not just robotics, but every industry.

I hope teams in your area can reach out to support your team.


I had good results getting some from