USB chicklet problems

I am trying to use a pelican brand usb xbox 360 controller with my usb chicklet. I put the jumper on the pins closest to the 15 pin connector. I then plug in the usb and the power, the led blinks red and green. I then do as the instructions direct and press a digital button to setup in mode 1. The problem is that rather than flashing red and then telling me how many digital inputs i have it just keeps on flashing red and green with no change from before i pressed the digital button. Is this normal, or is my chicklet bad? any help would be appreciated.

**The Chicklet only supports the devices listed in the user manual under supported devices. It must match the exact manufacturer and model.

If you wish to use the X-box 360 controller, it must be a wired, Microsoft X-box 360 controller for the X-box, not windows.**