USB Device - V5

Two of my team members are having the same V5 issue on their Windows 10 computers. When they plug the V5 into their usb, it is recognized, but shows up as a “USB Composite Device” so VCS doesn’t recognize that it is there and says “no brain.” I have a similar laptop and had no issue.
Any idea what the issue is and how to fix it?

We have had a similar issue with some computers not recognising V5 brains if they were using older firmware. Try updating the firmware if you haven’t already using a computer that does recognise the brain and then try again.

Yea, the brain has been attached to my computer (which works fine) and the brain is updated to the latest firmware.

One possible problem is that the drivers for aren’t getting installed on the machine.

To check this, you can go to C:\Program Files (x86)\VEX Robotics\Drivers2. There should be a log file there that will tell you if the drivers successfully installed. There is also an executable there to install the drivers, but it would need to be run with elevated privileges.

We have had this problem too and can’t figure it out.

We have had this problem on a computer and we also have one where it recognizes the brain but the program will not finish compiling and download.

I sometimes have found that the brain will be frozen and won’t accept a download. A hard reboot of the brain (unplug the power, turn back on) often works for that.

The brain works plugged into another computer though so doesn’t it have to be a problem with that computer/software rather than the brain?

Hard to say. That specific situation is difficult to debug because their isn’t any errors in the console. Could be coincidence it works with one computer and not another. Could be some conflicting program on one computer that the other doesn’t have, or something else entirely.
If it is one computer consistently not working when the rest do, I would probably try an uninstall/reinstall of the software.

Since we are talking about V5 where we are still working out the kinks and solutions, I think it would be best to troubleshoot by narrowing down the possibilities with some experiences I have had yet. If reinstalling the drivers do not solve the problem, that would mean it’s a V5 Brain, the USB wire, or maybe possibly a program problem. Something similar to this would also show up if multiple programs are using the driver, such as having both VCS and PROS open, but if you don’t have PROS or any other coding platform that would possibly use the driver, it may be best to reinstall VCS to ensure it is not a problem with the program software. If it is neither the driver or programming software, it would be best to try getting another micro USB wire and see if you are getting similar results. If it persists with the USB wire, it is either the computer or the Brain. If necessary, try doing this on another computer/laptop, and if you are still getting a problem it is definitely the Brain. Also, I see someone had the same problems on September 24th, and yet no response as a solution:

Thanks, all. But, as was mentioned in the original post (albeit not very clearly), this problem is happening on two different laptops but the brain works fine on other laptops (including mine), so it is not a V5 issue. We have deleted and reinstalled VCS many times now, including installing as an admin. Nothing.
At this point I’m guessing maybe it is something on their laptops that is creating the issue, but I have no idea where to begin diagnosing that.

If they have anti-virus software on their laptops, try disabling that.

We have had the same issue with several laptops. I notice that the laptops that don’t recognize the V5 brain usually related to either older laptops and or the laptop’s USB port isn’t in good shape. Also make sure you don’t have some program that uses certain USB port as dedicated port. And make sure to use good USB wires.

This comment is coming from someone without V5 but has had various connection issues to devices with USB (usually arduino related). Just trying to throw something in I didn’t see here previously that may help someone.

1 - I have found some computers don’t work with a given cable, but work with a different cable. Try a few cables. I don’t know the differences, but I have an arduino board that will only work with one specific cable on my Lenovo T440s. Strange.

2 - I have found differences wits the USB port standards, ie usb 2, usb 3. I have had things connect using an older USB 2 that didn’t with the USB3. Its supposed to work in either, and I have heard from others that have no issue, so I suspect its a hardware implementation/driver issue, but this has burned me before.

3 - I have also found differences when a device is plugged into a USB hub vs. plugged in direct. I’ve had it work with the hub and not direct, and also had it NOT work with the hub and work direct. Again… No clue, and no real desire to dig into the issue either.