USB extender

Is it legal to use a USB extension cable between the vexnet key and the cortex?

I am pretty sure it would be illegal, just curious though - why are you looking to do this?

It is legal

<R7> Robots are allowed the following additional “non-VEX” components:

h. A USB extension cable may be used for the sole purpose of remote mounting of a VEXnet key.
The key must be mounted in the following manner. (See the below image for reference)
i. The VEXnet key must be mounted such that no metal is touching the key above the
VEXnet logo.
ii. No metal may be within 2” of the top of the VEXnet key.

As trainmania said, it is legal. If you have your cortex under an arm or under a lot of metal, an extension would be a great choice.

My mistake. Thanks for correcting me, I am still getting ahold of the rules.

Here are two pics of a good little USB key holder our kids used to try out and they liked it so much it stayed. Zip ties and rubber bands hold the USB extender in a linear motion kit bracket. The switch is for autonomous processing and is not needed for the USB key so ignore that.

Putting the USB extender in the holder not only works well but it allows for flexible placement without making a special bracket.



What I like to take advantage of is the L-gusset plates for the USB extender. I stick the VEXnet USB through the longer portion of the gusset (the ‘|’ of the ‘L’) and attach a one-inch standoff to the middle of the base of the ‘L’, which holds the end of the extender.

You can somewhat see it here:

The friction between the USB holds it together and the one-inch standoff prevents any sliding.