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AMA: Here’s our robot from May 2020. Our campus was closed due to COVID so we couldn’t compete. Looking forward to next season!

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That is the coolest robot ever omg

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I’m amazed by how many different cool ways VEXU teams have come up with to fit a snail-type robot into a 15" cube.

USC’s robots are always interesting, can’t wait to see what y’all come up with next season!


Such an op robot for being built/designed in a such a short period of time. One quick question:
What made y’all go with those rollers (I assume are 3D printed) rather than rubber band & sprocket rollers?

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I believe those rollers are made of silicone so they’re similar to a flex wheel but have a custom diameter for optimized geometry. Pretty neat solution, but not sure how advantageous they are compared to rubber band rollers. Also, consider how well thought out this robot is for being designed in May of last year.

I am curious, how are the trusses in the structure developed? Is a load analysis done and the CAD software takes care of optimization? What specific process happens in order to develop those complex structure components once you have the general geometry of a component outlined?


wow robot in 1 minute thats insane

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Yeah they’re silicone cast onto 3D printed hubs.
We’ve done rubber bands in the past but they need replacing often and can get caught in stuff. Cast silicone lasts longer and is tougher and doesn’t get tangled when playing defence.


The shapes are simpler than you think… we start with a blocked out shape that we need (the light grey parts in the video) and then cut out triangles based on what looks like it’d work. We do analysis after that and then change any areas that are over stressed.

Really it’s more about being able to see/reach into the robot to find and repair issues than it is about saving weight/optimising structure (and reducing print time lol).