USC VEXU Tower Takeover Reveal

Now that the season is over, here’s a reveal of our VEXU bots!


Looks very good. Are 3 robots allowed in VEXU? And are those 3D printed gears I see?

No limit to the number of robots in VEX-U, but in competition, one bot no bigger than 24" cube and one bot no bigger than 15" cube. Skills vary by year: sometimes two bots, sometimes only the large or the samll bot. I’ve seen a U-team build a pair of matching 15" bots for competition.

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We can have as many bots as we like, we just have to pick which two to use for each match.
And yeah, 3D printed gears work surprisingly well.


These bots make me want 3d printed parts in vrc even more. Great job.

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Nice, any code you want to share ?


when are you going to post videos of your programming skills?


This is our programming run for our 24” bot…

Our 24” bot scores 2 stacks of 4, and 4 towers. It uses a gyroscope, two white line sensors, motor encoders, and two limit switches for navigation.

We don’t have a video of it, and can’t get to our workspace for a while, but our 15” “generic tray bot” scores 2 stacks of 8 and 3 towers for a combined score of 192 programming.

We hoped to improve the 15” bot to do two stacks of 10, and the 24” bot to do an additional stack of 3 for worlds for a score of 248 programming.

We hadn’t practiced much yet, but the plan was 3 stacks of 10, and 3 towers with the 15” bot, and two stacks of 4, a stack of 3, and 4 towers with the 24” bot for a score of 328 driver. Based on high school teams’ skills this seemed very possible.

The goal was a combined score of close to 600 points at worlds.