Use a mouse as two encoders?

I was wondering if anyone has tried rigging a mouse up as two encoders for vex. I’ve never really taken one apart until recently and found that there are 2 encoders. So one could potentially have a x-y grid system location. You could use the encasing of the mouse and somehow attach it to a robot. I’im not really sure about the hookups or how to. Also I do not have my vex stuff until school starts, so i’m simply throwing the idea out there.

It should work. You will have to modify the mouse a little to get it to work with Vex parts.

Has anyone tried this?
I need some help understand how I would convert the data information so Vex (EasyC) will understand it.
I was going to make a Vex version of a mouse out of the original setup with axles coming off to the Vez encoders, but the measurements would make the ball 1" from the ground. Then I thought of rigging up a small gear to huge gear system, but i think it would require too much effort to move the gears and the encoder all from friction of the ground. :confused: