Use of 269 (3-wire) motors with V5


Are teams with V5 systems permitted to use VEX 3-wire 269 motors?

Rule R12c says V5 systems cannot use “2-Wire Motors or VEX Servos”. I cannot find any mention of 3-Wire ‘269’ motors anywhere in the rules.


269 Motors are also 2 wire.

The 3-wire motors predate the 269 motor.

Either way, the answer is no. You can only use V5 motors with the V5 System


Our team happens to have a few 3-wire motor modules laying around. These are not 2 wire, nor are they servos. Are these still illegal? The rules never explicitly say you can’t.


but why would you want to?


Common sense says no…

The rules does specify the number of LEGAL motors for cortex and V5. That trumps the exceptions you want to list.


More than 8 motors


but doesn’t it say you can only have 8 v5 motors?


Only 8 V5 motors


no only (8 v5) motors. I take this to mean you can only have 8 motors, and they must be v5 motors, not you can only have 8 of the v5 motors.


And then

It goes out of it’s way to say that 2-wires and servos can’t be used, even after the first quote. Still nothing about 3-wires though


I do think if it doesn’t explicitly prohibit the use of 3 wire motors, then you aren’t allowed to use it. it has to say you are allowed to use something for it to become legal.


I would think that one of the purposes of <G2> is to allow the GDC to phase out rules/parts, that are antiquated and largely irrelevant anyway, without having to dedicate space to such obsolescences in the game manual.

Basically, unless you get a Q&A to state otherwise, I would consider this case-closed under <G2>: 3-wire motors are not legal with V5.