Use of jumpers

Hi. My team might need to use jumpers to be able to make the robot work on the programming game in both left and right sides of the field on the starstruck competition.
The only problem is, we don’t know how to use these jumpers.
Any help or tutorial will definitely be appreciated
Thank you very much

See here:

Thank you, but correct if i’m wrong, I am able to use these jumpers without an LCD right?

Yes, jumpers function independently of LCDs.

Thank you very much for your help I will try these jumpers asap :slight_smile:

Does your team have a spare potentiometer laying around. That is just as easy to set up for selecting autonomous and it is far easier to use.

I recommend using an LCD and writing a case selection system. Using the buttons on the LCD, you can change the autonomous based on what cases are written in the auton task in the competition template.