Use of phones to live score on the mat?

When they are on the mat during a match, are drive team members allowed to use the VRC Hub app on their phones to live score the match for their driver? This is assuming that the phones are put into airplane mode or something so there’s no communication with other people, it would only be used to score on the mat.

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Absolutely! This is one of the main uses of the app and a good benefit to competitors.


Alright, thank you! I’ll pass that along to my team.

Just make sure you have your phone or tablet in airplane mode. Technically they need to be if you have them out, and refs (especially at US Open and Worlds) like to be stingy about that.

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To be completely I take my school my school iPad when we are in a match. We always put it on airplane mode. We have caught a couple mistakes. There was debate on wether or not the match was a tie and is was not. Saved from a lot.
I have also used my phone when iPad is dead…
Hope you have your question answered.

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Remember that any question that starts “are we allowed” or “is it legal,” must be answered by referring to the current game manual. As you have already noted, when your device is an airplane mode, the tower takeover game manual did not prohibit the use of electronic devices. We will not actually know if electronic devices can be used for the 20-21 game until tomorrow when the new game manual is released, and you can look it up.