Use of Positioning Tools in Game (During a Tournament)

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I just wanted to check our team is allowed to use a sizing tool before a match to position our robot in a certain way so that our 15-second autonomous works. This is because our autonomous is very exact and needs to be set up in the perfect way to work. I was thinking of cutting out a piece of paper that shows exactly how to angle and position our robot. Would this be against the rules?
(This is for this year’s VRC game: Tipping Point)

Team 8838D


As long as your remove the tool before the match starts, this is allowed. I did a similar thing in Change Up to line up my autons.


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This helps a lot!
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Yes it is fine. As Xtigr said just make sure you remove the tool and also that the tool doesn’t dig into or damage the field. I would recommend using metal for your positioning tool rather than paper as it is stronger and will improve your consistency. Also use your tool against the field mats and not the wall. The walls always slightly change from field to field and will lower the consistency of your setup if relied on. My team personally uses an extra sizing tool with added metal since it allows for many points of contact to the robot and is sturdy.

Thanks @Bradley_Andersen for the tips on making our autonomous more consistent! It really helped!