Use of scripting during driver operation

Here is a demo video of 599 mentor Bobcat robot responding to scripts in the driver mode of vex round up competition.

Use of scripting for repetitive lift functions and complex sequence of motor commands for a low hang maneuver is shown on my living room 2 tile arena.

This video augments the programming challenge video.

Software modifications to the scripting engine allow scripts to be easily accessed during manual operation with joystick buttons.

See my blog for details on how the software does this.


There is a reason that it works with vex as well… look at the name just to the left of where you click to download it (The same guy does the presentation). :smiley:

A bit more of an on topic comment, i like the scripting you have done and have been planning on doing something similar.


That is some great programming! That’s one of the great things about the VEXNet Controller - it has all of those extra buttons to use for things like this. Thanks for including all of the extra information on your blog too - the explanation was great!

I don’t use RobotC, but EasyC has a command called “Switch” and another called “Case” that I think I can use. If not, it shouldn’t be to hard to do. Basically, you just need a variable to select the script based on what button was pressed and some “IF” statements. I could use some “User Functions” for the scripts to make the code cleaner.

I can’t wait to get my Cortex Bundle when it comes back in stock. When I get better I’m looking forward to trying this! The same idea will work with the buttons on the VEX LCD too - I just have to wait for the “Serial Y” cable so I can connect it to the Cortex.

You might be interested in my new template since it uses switch() and separate script functions.

I welcome any comments from the software experts to help improve its structure. It may be too complex for most newbies…but I think if you are planning on doing scripting, it offers a nice framework. The key principle is the use of the same structure in both autonomous and user modes.

The proposed template for our team supports competition scripting both in AUTONOMOUS and USER CONTROL modes. If anyone has time, please run the built in simulation with the RobotC debugger. All you need is a Cortex and Vexnet Joystick… no motors etc.

Code: Proposed 599_Competion_Scripting_Template.c
and .h on vex site.
The .h file has the documentation.

See blog post for more details.