Use of the Vex logo

We are going to make some tee-shirts and hoodies for our team, can we use the Vex world Logo and change the colour of it ( from red to green) ?
Thank you

According to VEX’s branding guidelines, that would not be allowed.

You can also check out other guidelines here.


To clarify, using the logo on apparel for your team is fine:

VEX Robotics logos & other resources are made freely available for promotional and private use if proper VEX branding is upheld per this style guide. Resources should not be used in any non-educational or non-robotics context. Any commercial use must receive written permission and credit VEX Robotics, Inc. unless otherwise agreed upon. Assuming proper style is upheld, examples of acceptable use would be:

  • Local team recruitment or fundraising
  • Classroom posters
  • Competition team apparel

However, altering the color of the logo would not be OK:

The VEX Robotics Competition logo and related assets should never be altered, edited, animated or colored in a manner not recommended in this guide. This includes additional visual effects such as drop shadows and gradients.

DO NOT use colors other than those outlined in this guide.

(The quoted passages are taken from the style guide linked in the previous reply.)


Thank you both for your quick replies.

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