Use of vertical flywheels

I was working on a design for our launcher and was considering using vertical flywheels instead of horizontal but I haven’t really seen any designs using vertical flywheels are there any reasons why

The reason why is that vertical flywheel don’t really launch the discs, they just move them in a direction, like a intake.


oh ok so i could use the system in working on for the intake rater than the launching ok thank you for the help

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here 87867C Vex Robotics Spin Up Reveal - YouTube

It works


My first flywheel design was a vertical one you can 100% get it to fly realy far. It is deffenalty something that I might get back into. The main isues was that the disc has a lip around the edge which means there is inconsistent contect it wht the disc. For our design we pushed the flywheel down onto the disc(it was on joint) useing pneumatics.


I’ve got a one-wheel flywheel and it works pretty well (for a prototype). It’s done by putting a flex wheel next to a wall in order to provide spin.