Use of Walkie Talkies

Quick question. If I have a walkie talkie (with earpiece) on me and I am at the competition field, am I allowed to use it to communicate with my teammates watching the match?


LOL, thanks for the fast reply.

To clarify, driving team must be in the Alliance Station. If your teammate is acting outside the Alliance Station in an active way, you will get warned, then DQ. Wireless communication from the field is prohibited…

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I have a quick follow up question about this. Are you allowed to have a walkie talkie or some other wireless communication with you in the alliance station but not use it? The only reason you would have it is because your team is using to communicate with each other and it would be used to communicate with the drive team member after the match. So I guess my question is: Is the mere presence of any form of wireless communication prohibited, or is the active use prohibited?

I would think active use, but im not 100% positive… @Karthik ???

If the device is out, there is no way for the referee to know if it is on or off - please turn it off and keep it in the pocket out of sight.

btw Karthik has closed official Q&A - they really have bigger things to deal with this weekend.

FYI wireless communications extends to modern devices, i.e., Apple Watch and friends…

Ok thanks

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